Part 2 Architectural Assistant with urban
design experience seeking full-time work
in central London.

I have multidisciplinary experience in architecture and urban design, working in the USA (2 years) and UK (1.5 years) on projects in the cultural, education and infrastructure sectors, at leading firms — Perkins & Will and Wilkinson Eyre.  TL;DR:

Portfolio Samples

The Bronzeville Exchange

An imagined 'Build Day' to be held at the Bronzeville Exchange site, aligned to the existing Summer Nights schedule.

Urban (agri)culture on vacant lots

Eight years on, the Exchange site as community gardening hub and renewable energy project.

Assorted physical models

Various projects at Cambridge/Brookes.

Water for Fes

A filtration building for the Fes river with sand and charcoal treatment beds, to serve those without mains supply.

Community meeting space collaged with 19th century Gustave Doré etchings

Existing embankment structure 'floats' in section.

Proposed reception for a Hilton hotel

Render of box extension overlaid on photo to help client visualise the green wall and 'picture frame' window.  Built  

Filtration/market building for the Fes river

This project had fun program drivers, including river flow rates and the surrounding 'riad' courtyard typology.

Construction phasing for the Bronzeville Exchange

Brick fin walls divide space along a disused railway embankment into a community hub, connected to former platform.

Prototype of sunflower stem facade panel 1:1

Designed to use ultra-low cost materials: scrap shipping pallets and sunflower stems from a nearby seed oil factory.

Pedestrian improvements for a campus bisected by five lanes of traffic

Trellises in the university colours to increase crossing visibility.

Using staircases to open an overgrown railway embankment

Models to test in-the-know access (hidden) vs. open invitation.

CV / Résumé

  • Employment history, qualifications and software skills.

Past positions


Software skills

3D Rhino (preferred), Revit (preferred), MicroStation, SketchUp, Grasshopper
Vis Lumion, V-Ray
2D AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, ArcGIS



I found Barney to be intelligent, inquisitive, articulate, collaborative and willing to take on any challenge.  He was adept in utilizing a wide variety of design & presentation programs to represent our ideas.  He also demonstrated good skill in presenting our work, exhibiting an intuitive knack for both anticipating client questions and interpreting their input comments.

J.D. McKibben, Associate Principal, Perkins & Will  PDF 

Barney, I am not aware of all the blood, sweat (but hopefully no tears) that you contributed to making our master plan so successful but I suspect it was a lot.  So, from all of us down here in Tallahassee, a big thank you for your contributions.

Mark Bertolami, Director Facilities Planning, FSU (client)

He is a talented designer and someone who will truly flourish in architecture.  As a person he is a joy to be with and I have observed his relationship with peer colleagues where his presence has fully enriched the team as a whole.

Ricardo Assis Rosa, Senior Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University  PDF 

Barney has the distinct ability to work on both big picture, large scale master plans as well as conceptual design for individual building projects.  His ability to clearly communicate through visualizations, graphics, and in presentation set him apart from his peers.

Andrew Broderick, Senior Associate, Perkins & Will  PDF 

Vacant Bronzeville

A fieldwork blog about local residents’ reuse of vacant land on the south side of Chicago, particularly within the historic African American neighbourhood of Bronzeville.
June–December 2017.


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